Saturday, May 17, 2008

woohoo, i have a food blog

this is something i have wanted to do for a long time. i love to cook but love, love, love to bake and EAT dessert. i am the girl who makes extraordinary desserts on weekdays just because it sounds good. i am also super picky, maybe snobby when it comes to dessert, if its not great why eat it when i can just make my own? that perfectionist attitude has led to hours testing different recipes of my favorite desserts and honestly think i have the best recipe for a lot of my faves. that also pretty much guarantees that you'll love my recipes. and if you have a better version, of course i want to hear about it!
my real job is running a boutique photography studio in the burbs and this food blog is a great motivation to start photographing some of my creations.
i intend this blog to be an offering of some of my fave recipes, a forum for honest opinions, and a motivation to keep on in my quest.
i'll start with a list of some of my faves, soon to be featured on average once a week (hello i plan on eating everything i show here so i gotta pace myself)

here they are in random order:

chocolate cake
chocolate pecan pie
chocolate flourless cake
nutella torte
3 chocolate, coconut, pecan cookies
chess pie
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
super rich brownies
carrot cake
apple crisp
chocolate pnut butter cupcakes
baileys white chocolate sauce

stay tuned :)

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