Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a few of my faves

i'll admit i'm a very disorganized grocery shopper. i go to the store probably 4-6 times a week which is ridiculous. problem is that each of us here in my little household have several things we can't live without and i can't seem to stock up on. for fox, its yogurt tubes, bagels, and hot dogs. for eric its honey nut cherrios, banana peppers, and wine. for me its these few items that i thought i'd share.

#1 fuji apples - crunchy and cold! at least one a day!

#2 fage yogurt and nature's path peanut butter granola - breakfast many many mornings. great yoga fuel.

#3 il fornaio bran muffins - i buy a bunch at a time when i'm working in l.a. and keep them in my freezer. i have given up trying to recreate them myself. they are unlike any other bran muffin. very very dense and crunchy with tons of nuts.

#4 white truffle oil - i put this stuff in salad dressing, mashed potatoes, fish, veggies you name it. i refrigerate it but i probably don't need to we go through it so fast.

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