Thursday, October 2, 2008

italian turkey burgers and pineapple coconut sorbet

my favorite mom superhero brooke's husband was out of town this week so she and her 3 kiddos joined us for a warm fall night barbecue. i just made extra of what i was planning for our family. my favorite turkey burgers!

i had a pineapple from whole foods that just wasn't very sweet so i decided last minute to use the trusty ice cream maker to crank out some sorbet with what we had on hand.

neither of these are real recipes so proportions might be a little off but its more fun that way.

italian turkey burgers - for four
2 pounds ground turkey
4 cloves garlic chopped or crushed
3 tbsp finely chopped rosemary
ground pepper
slices of good provolone
tomato brushetta (store bought or homemade)
pesto mayonnaise (literally just 1/2 pesto and one half veganaise or mayo mixed together)
great bread

mix first 4 ingredients together and form patties, yes 4 patties, we like them fat.
make the pesto mayo and brushetta if you are making it (fyi traders joes refrigerated brushetta is so great i usually just buy it). sprinkle the burgers generously with salt and pepper and grill on the bbq till almost done. throw the provolone on and finish grilling and melt the cheese.
spread pesto mayo on your grilled or warmed bread of choice, slide a hot burger on, spoon on a healthy dose of brushetta and enjoy. these are my absolute favorite way to use up ground turkey!

pineapple coconut sorbet

what a way to get your fruit in . there is so much fresh pineapple in this! the coconut milk gives it a creamy consistently almost more like ice cream but its still very refreshing.

1 whole pineapple skinned and cored then cut into chunks
1 cup thai coconut milk (unsweetened stuff)
1 cup sugar in the raw
splash of rum
squeeze of lime

blend everything in blender. chill 1-2 hours then freeze in ice cream maker. perfect hot weather dessert!