Tuesday, May 20, 2008

grub at grub

chelsea very generously tagged along to my editorial shoot today in hollywood so i had to treat her to a scrumptious and filling late lunch. i had always wanted to try grub
i am an avid top chef fan and this is betty from a few seasons ago awesome little lunch spot. i love that the menu is so not top chef and yet the girl really held her own that season. grub features a great menu of gourmet comfort food. i had a turkey-a-licious sandwich with "crack" bacon. ever picky, i ditched the brie for cheddar (gasp!) but it was sooooooooo good. now i've never tried crack but the bacon was really good, marinated in i don't know what, kinda sweet and spicy. everything was super fresh and delicious. i loved that they served crudite and pretzels, perfect for a veg a holic like me. miss chelsea snapped a pic with her iphone. sorry the gear was in the car and i was hungry!

the sandwich was so good but their menu prose is priceless. here is my favorite line:
"Sugar, Sugar

…or This is why to save room for dessert

As our slogan says, “If your ass can still fit through the door…
then what the hell, order dessert.” "

that is lol funny! love it! both mine and chelseas asses very easily fit in any door but we didn't feel like dessert :(

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Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Yummy! when do we get to go back there?