Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what are YOUR favorite recipes?

i'm nearing that time of year when i start to slow down shooting and channel all my photographic energy into the kitchen. i'll have a lot more time to cook and blog. i'd love to share some of my favorites with you but what are your favorites? comment on this post with recipe requests and i'll cook and publish my best version of your faves!


blizzard854 said...

I tried looking online for the recipe closest for the Roasted Tomatoes in the Think Like A Chef cookbook by Tom Colicchio... This was the closest one I found:

Dorie Greenspan - Slow Roasted Tomatoes

I usually make a batch every sunday to last me through the week... They come out amazing and its so versatile because you can just use whatever herbs you have on hand and they don't require any babysitting... just pop them in the oven and i usually turn them every hour or half hour...

stephanie schuster said...

dear jen.

do you have a good recipe for artichoke cakes? :)

Alisyn said...

My favorite holiday breakfast:

Savory Breakfast Bread Budding (otherwise known as Bundt of Doom)

12 eggs, beaten w/ cream
1 large loaf bread, cubed
1 brick (10-12 ozs) cheese, grated
Choice of precooked protein/veggie*

Toss all ingredients together in large bowl. Saturate bread chunks with egg. Press into buttered bundt pan. Bake at 350 for 45-60 mintues. Cool, then slice. Serves 8-10. Can be made ahead of time (as early as the night before) and stored in bundt pan in fridge, then popped in the oven in the morning!

* I've made this a million different ways:

Chorizo/Cotilla/green onion

Lox/cream cheese/lemon zest


(sautee veg before tossing w/ other ingredients)