Tuesday, November 4, 2008

dinner at ANIMAL

i loved everything about animal! from the casual atmosphere to the beautiful but simple details to the amazing food! its an amazing combination of high end ingredients, simple preparations and mind blowing flavors! i wish i was eating there again tonight and promise you i will be there again soon! especially since the menu changes daily!

thanks to bonnie for organizing such a great night of fun foodies and great food!

if you like meat, make a reservation at animal now!

love the paper menus to set the chill tone

my favorite puppet! and might i say the only sign.

bonnieeric and sarahfries with oxtail sauce
the best heirloom salad EVER!petit basque and chorizo

whole branzino
tomahawk steak with fois gras sauce - omg delish! and proof i am not a vegetarian!

strawberries, biscuits and cream

the food dudes!
and they love sarah!

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