Thursday, September 18, 2008

only the best carrot cake for my birthday!

i can buy great chocolate cake but this carrot cake can't be beat and its my annual birthday treat. of course i make it for myself but i make my husband and son ice and decorate it :)

i posted the recipe a while ago. this cake is filled with so much stuff! and it stays so moist because it uses pureed carrots and crushed pineapple and oil instead of butter. butter is one of my favorite ingredients but this cake is awesome without it because of all the flavors from all the other ingredients i think.

here are some pics. i let fox go to town with a pastry bag filled with pink frosting. if this was for anyone else i'd cover the sides in crushed walnuts and pipe carrots on top :)

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b said...

I have to say that was the best carrot cake ever. I'll take your leftovers any day. Loved it!