Thursday, September 4, 2008

corn and potato salad

i cooked us up a fabulous labor day picnic that we took to the beach and sadly forgot to photograph! we had marinated and grilled chicken, basil and parmesan red cabbage slaw, great fruit salad and this corn and potato salad. we had the leftovers tonight with some simple seared halibut. the flavors were even better in the potato salad today then monday. i made this up in a hurry so i really don't have proportions but adlib as neccesary.

a bunch of fingerling potatoes roasted in garlic and olive till very cripsy and brown then cooled
6 ears of sweet corn grilled on the bbq till nicely charred in some spots and tender, then kernals taken off cobb

for the dressing i mixed mayonaise, a good bunch of chopped garlic and lemon, added some salt pepper and chili powder and that was it. the toasty sweet flavor the grilled corn and the richness of the fingerling potatoes really make this salad!

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Alisyn said...

added this to next week's menu -- sounds wonderful.