Saturday, June 21, 2008

the perfect cheeseburger

i love cheeseburgers and i love blue cheese but there is something magical about the combination of blue cheese and round beef that makes the sum exponentially better than its parts. before the rilo kiley show this past wednesday night, eric, stephanie, fox and i all ventured into the roosevelt hotels hip burger joint 25 degrees omg it was burger heaven! first of all, its the swankest little fab/diner anywhere! the cheese selection is something out of a fine french restaurant and that combined with other superlative toppings like pesto and carmelized onions made for the most fabulous build your own burger menu ever. i had a sirloin burger with gorgonzola, carmelized onions and arugula. it was too die for. check this place out!

1 comment:

stephanie schuster said...

who invited the girl who didn't finish her super fabulous burger?!?