Saturday, August 8, 2009


i saw "julie and julia" last night with my dear friend sarah. i have to admit i was only mildly interesting in seeing it and if sarah had not invited me to a screening, i would have waited for netflix.
but, watching it, it hit me like a ton of bricks that food and cooking is the one passion in my life that started as a child and continues today . . .my ONLY lifelong passion.
horses, fine art, those interests faded and i eventually gave them up. . . photography didn't start until much later in life . . . but since i can remember i have loved everything to do with food, cooking at eating.
we had a family friend, betty miller, who taught me my first recipe. we melted chocolate and carefully covered the inside of a cupcake paper, chilled it, peeled the paper of and served a scoop of ice cream in it. i thought that was magic. from there my dad taught me to make an omelet and pretty soon i was off and running, cooking anything and everything i could from my moms cookbooks.
so i have to ask myself as i have spent the last year taking a break from booking photography jobs and exploring other things, why am i not cooking?

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